Ukulele Making Class

Dr. Scott (Doc) has been playing ukuleles and Hawaiian steel guitars for over sixty five years and is passionate about making them affordable, easy-to-play, and readily available to young people. Over the years, he has found that people who make their own musical instrument are more likely to persevere with learning to play it. He has therefore developed four Makery classes in which people of all ages learn how to make, and begin to play, their very own ukulele.

 1. Family Ukulele Decorating Class — This is a fun class in which parents and children work together to finish the assembly and then decorate an almost completely built ukulele. While primarily designed as an interactive family experience, it is suitable for anyone who wants to make a basic low-cost ukulele. Duration: three hours.

Cost: $50 for one ukulele. Special Family cost: $50 for the first ukulele and $35 for each additional ukulele.

2. Basic Ukulele Making Class — This is an ideal class for people who want to make their own ukulele but don't have any woodworking experience. All of the critical parts are pre assembled and the remaining assembly and finishing tasks are very straightforward. It is an ideal starting point for someone who is serious about learning to play the ukulele but doesn't want to spend too much money getting started. Duration: three two-hour sessions. Cost: $120

3. Intermediate Ukulele Making Class — This class is intended for people who can hear the difference between an ukulele constructed from basic hardwoods and one that uses music-grade hawaiian hardwoods. Everything except the body of the ukulele is prefabricated. You will learn to make the body from Hawaiian mango which results in an extremely sweet and full sounding instrument. You get to build a beautiful instrument without having to make all of the small high-precision parts. Duration: twenty hours spread over one month. Cost $260

3. Advanced Ukulele Making Class — This class is for the people who have the passion and patience to make every part of their ukulele. You begin with slabs of wood harvested from the mountains of Hawaii and end up with an incredibly beautiful truly Hawaiian ukulele. You will learn how each part is made using traditional and/or computer numerically controlled (CNC) machine fabrication techniques. Along the way, you will develop some serious woodworking and finishing skills. Duration: forty hours spread over two months. Cost: $800 for a Hawaiian mango ukulele; $1,000 + for a koa ukulele depending on the cost of the koa you select.

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