E Komo Mai!

Welcome E Komo Mai!

We are so excited to share our products with the world!


Locally harvested wood, made by locals of Hawai'i, we strive to share the culture and respect the 'aina (land) in the process! We seek out both endemic and invasive species, and harvest the invasive resources to make room for the endemic. Reclaimed wood is one of our favorite sources.


Koa in particular is an endangered species endemic to the Big Island. It's wood is coveted around the world for it's grain and curl, especially in instruments. In order to harvest, the tree has to die of natural causes, it cannot be felled, trimmed or cut in any way while it's still alive, which makes aquiring it a challenge. While efforts are being taken to protect the remaining species, the authorities are struggling with koa poachers who ship the trees off on barges.  

Among the invasive species is albezia, while many locals consider it to be a trash wood, it has a grain that is remarkably strong in one direction. We have found that if you take several layers into a plywood it solves the problem of strength while utilizing an otherwise unwanted resource. 

Tradition meets technology as we share Hawaiian culture through our creature and wayfairing puzzles, steel guitars, ukuleles, and more!


New and Upcoming Projects

We have several new designs coming out for the Christmas season!


For the lanterns we've made a special Christmas morning scene with a family of Nene. Since the poinsettia shares in the festivities while being tropical, it acts as a lovely frame for the classic "Mele Kalikimaka". Did you know "Mele Kalikimaka" is a direct translation of the sounds which make up Merry Christmas? Since the holiday came with the missionaries. 

You may have seen the japanese style ikebanas around our shop! These floral bases provide a metal frog/container for your favorite arrangements. 

In addition we are making two new lines of earrings, both will have inlays with your favorite local woods! We also recieved a small supply of purpleheart wood from S. America, so we will have a limited run orchid earring line! Enjoy it while the supply lasts!

Lastly you'll notice in our back shelf we have just come out with some CNC carved awards. The classic Hawaiian hook mounted in a Big Island base! These local woods have been brought up to full shine, featuring Koa, Mango, Coconut wood and more!

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