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The MICO building houses the Makery's two production facilities.The Wood Shop manu in which mature products are produced in quantity to support other Makery activities. It also houses the Makery's Inspirational Workspace where a broad range of new products and works of art are created by resident and visiting artisans who bring together diverse interests and training.

The Makery Wood shop uses a mix of traditional and modern woodworking tools and techniques to efficiently transform raw wood into high quality wooden products that include: wooden jewelry, wooden boxes, lamps, awards, home decor, furniture, urns, and musical instruments. The focus is on relatively long production runs of mature products.


wood piecies for your projects


The Makery works closely with several arborists to recycle wood from the trees they cut down rather than having it sent to the landfill. At one extreme, there are trees such as koa and mango that can be cured and used for all manner of high end products. At the other extreme, there are the so called rubbish woods, such as albizia, that actually have many outstanding properties that we are learning to utilize for furniture, musical instruments and building panels. PLease contact us if you have any wood you wish to get rid of. 


Jimmie Lee Cooper Wakasa

Founder and owner of Wakasa Wood Company

With 10 years experience woodworking, managing Wakasa Woods for 20 years, his wood workshop, gallery, and home were taken in the 2018 lava eruption in Leilani Estates. He has created everything from coffee and dining tables to skateboards, paddles, wall art, surf boards, ikebana trays and more.


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